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Drawing is a big part of my artistic output and elemental to my painting process.  All of the designs for my Junque paintings were worked out within the world of my drawings and they were the guides I used to make these shaped painting surfaces.

To get a sense of my process, click on any Junque image and a slideshow of the painting’s development will start.

I was working the recycling theme, both via the recycling of materials that I used to create the work, and the “recycling” or abstraction of photographic images that I took during visits to industrial junk yards.

Much of the Junque drawing, painting and sculpture, has its roots in the industrial landscape of my childhood spent in Detroit, Michigan.  The inner worlds of factories, the one-way windows with bars, the pipes and tunnels, the gears and screws and wheels, are all forms and images that I drew upon to create my Junque paintings and drawings.

In these Junque paintings, my intention was to transform the debris that I had gathered from industry’s wasteland.  I attempted to give new life to discarded items as a way of addressing one of the consistent themes of my creative endeavors:  humankind’s impact on the natural environment.