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The Power of Helping Hands

Highland Art Center

My latest solo exhibit, Banksters, will open May 2nd at the Highland Art Center

Hello and welcome to my inaugural blog post!

Lots of new things are happening in my art world! All of it coinciding with the opening celebration of my latest solo exhibit, Banksters, opening May 2nd at the Highland Art Center ( in Weaverville, California. Banksters consists of 62 drawings, 8 new oil paintings, and a video to tell the tale of the many women who took to robbing banks during the Great Recession.

I’m also launching my new website I am very excited about this development as now my work can readily be seen beyond my Trinity Alps Wilderness mountain hamlet. Check it out and let me know what you think!

No artist can operate in a vacuum. If we are doing our job fully, our work must move from the quiet sanctuary of our studios to the walls of the world where it can be shared. This we cannot do alone. There are many helping hands involved in assisting any artist with showing their work.

I’ve always admired artists who make the execution and exhibition of their work seem effortless, but through my own exhibition experiences, I know it is not. I am aware, as I prepare for my new exhibit, that none of it would be possible without the love, support, and talent of the people I am surrounded by and working with as I bring my work to light. If there ever was one, this is definitely a shout-out moment!

My most sincere thanks goes to:

  • Mark Perko, who always roots for me to make-more-art.
  • To my dear family and friends, near and far, who love and encourage me every step of the way.
  • To my art teachers who have instilled in me the skills and knowledge that enable me to execute my ideas.
  • The Board of Directors, the entire staff (Danea Miller, Virginia Updegrave, Abbie Goodyear, Travis Perkins), and all my fellow studio artists at the Highland Art Center in Weaverville, California – my artistic home turf.
  • Zahra Langford has done a fantastic job designing my new website. I especially appreciate that she so ably translated my non-techie ideas into a beautiful new site. It’s just what I was envisioning! Check it out:
  • Cheri Cowan has beautifully framed all 62 of my Bankster drawings. Her hard work and design skills have helped me fulfull the vision I had for telling the Banksters story.
  • And finally, Danea Miller edited, and Mark Perko has provided the soundtrack for the Banksters video. They both also encouraged me to pursue this exhibit in the first place.

With that, I give me my deepest thanks, to you dear reader, and all the hands who’ve helped me fulfill my artistic vision.

Now it’s onward and upward! Let the fun begin!

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  • Peggy Wheeler May 5, 2015, 4:08 pm

    GREAT website! Just beautiful. Love the blog, too, Kimberly.

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